The Republic of South Sudan

Sudan Household Health Survey (SHHS) 2006

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The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) and the Southern Sudan Commission for Census, Statistics and Evaluation (SSCCSE), working closely with the Ministry of Health of Southern Sudan, conducted the 2006 Sudan Household Health Survey (SHHS) in all 25 states of Sudan in April/May2006. The CBS was responsible for the sampling and operations in the 15 states of Northern Sudan, and the SSCSE was responsible for the 10 states of Southern Sudan. Technical working group meetings between the CBS, SSCCSE (as well as UNICEF, the UNFPA, WFP, WHO and other stakeholders) were held to coordinate the questionnaires, procedures and sampling plans for the survey in the North and South. Following the survey data collection and partial editing, the data sets from the North and South were merged.

The survey results are scheduled to be released in March 2007.