The Republic of South Sudan

The Light Monitoring Survey (LMS)

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The Light Monitoring Survey (LMS) is part of the effort of the Southern Sudan Commission for Census, Statistics and Evaluation (SSCCSE) in providing information for the management of the country economy and society. The LMS is designed to collect the minimum amount of information needed to identify and classify target groups and provide basic welfare indicators for monitoring poverty alleviation programs. The questionnaire is purposefully concise, and is designed to collect in addition to households' characteristics, information which measures access to and utilization of social services. The survey uses a method developed by a group of donors and institutions including the World Bank, the ILO, UNICEF and UNDP. The form is designed for a technique of optical reading that permits fast processing of the data and a timely release of the results.

The objectives of the LMS include:

  • Elaborating main indicators for social welfare and basic needs of the socio-economic-groups.
  • Identifying target groups to benefit from special action programs designed by decision makers to address their needs.
  • Monitoring changes happening in the households' welfare over time and
  • Providing a database for social research.