The Republic of South Sudan

The Southern Sudan Centre for Census, Statistics and Evaluation Annual Report 2010

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The SSCCSE produces an annual report following the closure of each year. This practice helps the Centre to reflect on its achievements compared to its earlier planned activities. It also helps in re-focusing the Centre to its main activities and core functions. It is a way of informing SSCCSE staff of the achievements and shortcomings on a yearly basis. Within year periods, we write quarterly reports.

The annual reports always try to capture the major challenges and constraints we will have faced or overcome in order to achieve our objectives. They also always state our planned activities.

In this annual report for FY 2010, Chapter 2 is a statement of the achievements of the Centre. Chapters 3, 4 and 5 are summary statements of the SSCCSE Staff Development and other Capacity Building Initiatives, Constraints and Challenges and Planned Activities respectively.

It is important for readers of this report to be aware that many of the activities of the Centre cut across departments. As such, the work of each department tends to mirror and somewhat overlap the work of other sister departments without necessarily being the same work in the different departments. To give an example, one department may want to collect data for a given purpose. Such department will design the questionnaire, another department will design a sample and carry out field work; and yet a third department may process the data for the same survey. There is no overlap in such a case and much of our work is as such.