The Republic of South Sudan

Key Indicators for Jonglei

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On 9th July 2011 South Sudan became the world’s newest country when it seceded from Sudan following an historic referendum on self-determination that took place in January 2011.

Jonglei is a state in the East of South Sudan and is bordered by Ethiopia to the east, Eastern Equatoria and Central Equatoria to the south, and Unity State and Lakes State to the west. To the north lies Upper Nile.

In the key transitional period following independence, it is vital to ensure that the latest data is widely disseminated and put to the best possible use. This document is intended as a quick reference to available statistical information on South Sudan. Additional information on all the included indicators as well as others are available on or on request from the NBS.

We hope that it will serve its purpose of being an introduction to the most up-to- date statistics available for government, policy makers, the international community and all those who are interested in South Sudan.