The Republic of South Sudan

Complete Life Tables Constructed from Census 2008

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The Bureau has continued to process and analyse data from the 2008 Population and Housing Census. In this release, the Bureau has constructed a complete life table for South Sudan as well as for the states. These are very important tables because they assist in monitoring progress in achieving MDGs.

The construction of the tables applied indirect techniques because of the inadequacy of data on deaths reported in the census. The input data are childhood and adulthood survivorship probabilities. The childhood survivorship probabilities were got from children ever born and children surviving data while adulthood survivorship probabilities were got from parental survivorship data. These are linked using the logit system using the fact that the logits of survivorship probabilities in the same family are linearly related. The general standard proposed by Brass was used to estimate the parameters of the relation which are used in the construction of the complete set of survivorship probabilities used in the construction of the life tables.

It is the hope of the Bureau that the planners especially for the Ministry of Health both at GRoSS and the state levels will use these indicators in setting targets so as to improve quality of life of the people of South Sudan.