The Republic of South Sudan

Geographical Information System Unit


The Background

The department of GIS/RS and Cartography was established in 2007 as a result of stake holders’ workshop which was conducted in Juba Raha hotel. It is a department mandated with collection, analysis and publication of geospatial information on economic, social, demographic, environmental, and general activities. In addition, the department is responsible for organization of schemes of spatial data with a view to coordinating and disseminating such spatial information.

1.1. Mission:

To provide quality Geospatial Information for sustainable development in the Republic of South Sudan

1.2. Functions of the Department

The functions of the Department shall be to:

  1. To develop the capacity of staff in GIS/RS in order to analyze data and deliver products to the public in timely manner.
  2. To produce foundational data layers such as land use/land cover, socio-economic, demography and other services, administrative boundaries etc that can be shared among many users, eliminating the cost of duplicative efforts.
  3. To organize government information around a spatial model that implicitly incorporates geography because lateral communication through the mechanism of geographic database promises, delivers and gains in such important areas as efficiency and customer service, when government agencies communicate results and inquiries among themselves using GIS/RS technology. This can be done through South Sudan Information Management Working Group (SS IMWG)
  4. Create awareness among stake holders about the use of geospatial-intelligence to support decision making process.
  5. Serve as mapping authority in South Sudan


The South Sudan Information Management Working Group (SS IMWG) is an information sharing platform. It consists of government institutions, UN agencies, INGOs and other interested partners. The IMWG is supported by UNDP through Crisis Recovery Mapping and Analysis (CRMA) project which is being funded by EU.

The group is chaired by NBS GIS director, Mr. Charles Mona and co chair by Residence CooordinationSupport Office(RCSO) support office. The secretariat is based in the NBS GIS/RS department.

Membership is open to any data producers and users provided that a MOU is signed between the interested party and NBS. To join the group please contact us here.

3. Services available

   1. Sectoral data available:

  • Demining
  • Education
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Population and settlements
  • Land cover data sets including hydrology, oil concessions
  • Historical meteorological data
  • Topographical cover
  • Agriculture data sets, soil, land use, production
  • Animal resources including migration routes
  • Markets
  • Conservation areas
  • Geology &
  • Law enforcement institutions

    2. CRMA risk data set – based on human security indicators: (Also preliminary reports in word and excel data entries from workshops)

For more details contact us here